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Adding Publications and Setup

To add a new publication within SendMyAd, select the Actions dropdown and select Add Publication under Manage > Publications.


Users will be prompted to enter basic information about the publication:

  • Name of Publication
  • Code
  • Trim Size
  • Publication Contact

Once the publication has been created, SendMyAd will open the publication profile and details for the newly created publication along with the Publication Profile Checklist.

Publication Profile Checklist

The Publication Preparation Checklist is the minimum requirements that must be met in order for a publication to be able to accept uploads.



  • Issues: At least one issue must be defined and active in the Issues tab.
  • Color Profile: At least one color profile must be defined and set to be used for ad uploads in the Color Profiles tab.
  • Preflight Profile: At least one preflight profile must be set up and selected to be used for ads in the Preflight Profile tab.

Clicking on an item in the checklist will take you to the area of the Publication Profile where the listed item can be addressed. Publications that are missing information required for ad uploads will be highlighted in red in the publications list.

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