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Sending Print Ads

  1. Select Send Files under Actions from the left-hand menubar.
  2. Some publishers accept multiple ad types, if so, you may be prompted to specify the ad type; select Print Magazine Ad.
  3. Select the publication which your ad will run within.
  4. Fill out the required fields. You can click the “?” next to each item to view additional information about what is being requested.
  5. Select the ad size from the list of ad specs. In many cases, there may be separate entries for the “Bleed” and “Non Bleed” specs. Make sure to select the ad spec that matches the design of your ad.
  6. If the publication allows you to specify a color profile in the Ad Color option, pick the one that is most appropriate to your ad. Some publishers have separate options for CMYK, Black and White, and Spot Color ads.
  7. If required, specify a Proof Type from the list of available options.
  8. Select the Issue(s) that you wish to have your ad run in.

    You can specify multiple issues by selecting an additional issue from the drop down once the first issue you selected has been added to the list.

  9. If requested, confirm the contact for the ad under the Contact Information section.
  10. Click Choose Files.
  11. In the Step 3 of 3 window, select Browse For File and select the file you wish to upload.
  12. Click Upload File.
  13. After the file is uploaded and processed, SendMyAd will provide a detailed preflight report informing the user of any issues within their ad.

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