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How to Add Notes


Adding notes provides an excellent tool for communication between publishers and advertisers when working on ads. Publishers can pinpoint and highlight specific areas that need attention.

Adding Notes

  • First, select the ad on which you want to leave a note. This will open the ad details view allowing us to add notes.
  • Select the Draw Note on Preview button from the ad toolbar or press the D key. This is represented by the dotted-lined square icon.
  • Your cursor will now be changed to a pencil icon allowing the user to make a selection on the page.
  • After a selection has been made, users can enter text information about the note is the right-hand column.
  • Users can change the color of their notes by simply selecting a different color.

Note: Users can leave more than one note at a time on an ad. Also, highlighting the note with your cursor will display the instructions of the note. This can be helpful when viewing the preflight report for the ad.

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