Preflight Profiles

Preflight profiles dictates how SendMyAd will handle different items such as size, images and fonts. Publishers can set these options to: Warn, Reject, or Ignore. Preflight settings are broken down into several sub-sections. 

  • General Preflight Profile Settings
  • Size Specification Settings
  • Image Flags
  • Font Flags
  • Page Flags
  • Document Flags

General Preflight Profile Settings

  • Name of Preflight Profile
  • File Input Type
    • Print PDF or Tablet PDF
  • File Output Settings Convert all files to:
    • PDF/X-1a 2003
    • PDF/X-1a 2001
    • PDF/X-4

Size Specification Settings

This section deals with how the ad will be treated against the trim, bleed and safety settings of files and is critical for your preflight profile; because of this, it is broken down into individual sections.



  • If the file trim size is outside __” of specification trim size

Setting this option to reject will force files to re-trim if the file fails the trim size check. It is suggested that reject is turned on.



  • Automatically adjust all incoming ad’s bleed to match the ad specification’s bleed

This option will try to automatically correct the bleed box of uploaded PDF files. If a file does not contain a bleed box, one will be added using the dimensions of the ad specification. If there is an existing bleed box, it will be compared to the ad specification’s bleed size. If the file’s bleed box falls within the bleed tolerance value set in the preflight profile, it will remain unchanged. If the bleed box falls outside the bleed tolerance value, the bleed box will be adjusted according to the ad specifications. Be aware that this automated fix is simply adding or adjusting the bleed box to match the ad specification. All graphics intended to bleed will need to have enough image data to extend into the new bleed area.

  • If file bleed size is greater than __” or less than __” of specification bleed
  • If PDF mediabox dimensions are less than bleed dimensions (Note: This setting is retroactive.)



  • If text is found outside of the file specification safety lines and inside of the bleed

Image Flags

How images found in the document will be treated

  • If the CT resolution is < __ or > __ and width and height > __ pixels
  • If the LW resolution is < __ or > __ and width and height > __ pixels
  • If a corrupted image is found
  • If overprint is found
  • If OPI fails

Font Flags

How fonts found in the document will be treated

  • If a non-embedded font is found.
  • If a character in the font set is missing
  • If an artificial bold is found
  • If an artificial italic is found
  • If an artificial outline is found
  • If font size is < __ or > __ points.
  • If font size is < __ points and is 100% black
  • If font type is Type 0
  • If font type is Type 1c
  • If font type is CID
  • If font type is Type 3
  • If font type is TrueType
  • If font type is MultipleMaster
  • If font name is found in document (Note: Must add font names as constraints)

Page Flags

How items found at the page level will be treated

If the following boxes are not found:

  • Bleed Box
  • Trim Box
  • Art Box
  • Media Box
  • Crop Box

If the file is missing a trim box, it is impossible to obtain the intended position. If this option is set to reject, the auto centering and reposition tool will be available. It is suggested that reject is turned on, and trim boxes only are checked.

Document Flags

How items found in the document will be treated

  • Automatically remove all hidden layers from PDF files
  • If document producer is equal to (different than/contains/does not contain/unmatch regex) ______
  • If PDF/X Flags do not match this standard (Note: Must add constraints added in order to take effect.)
  • If number of points in any path is > ___
  • If PDF version is greater than, less than, equal to 1.2/2, 1.3/3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
  • If document has transparency
  • If vector line width is < ___ or > ___ points
  • If PDF is already trapped

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